Visit Misaki Port | The Southern Tip of the Miura Peninsula

A drone shot of Misaki Port and the island of Jogashima at the tip of the Miura Peninsula

Every time I think I’ve crossed Kanagawa Prefecture off my bucket list once and for all, something always comes along to capture my attention. Recently, while contemplating possible day trips from Tokyo, I realized that I had yet to cover Misaki Port. Lovingly referred to as “Tuna Town” by the locals, this cozy, seaside hamlet prides itself on its high quality catches. What’s more, much like the better known fish markets up in the capital, Misaki Port allows visitors to experience the daily tuna auctions.

Of course, tuna isn’t the only reason one ought to visit Misaki Port. The area is also home to some stunning natural vistas. Given the port town lies at the southernmost tip of the Miura Peninsula, visitors to Misaki Port will be greeted with magnificent views of both Tokyo Bay and Sagami Bay. If you’re lucky, you may be able to catch a glimpse of Mt. Fuji from the western side of the cape. As can be seen in the shot below, the scene is an epic sight to behold.

All in all, if you’re on the hunt for a good day trip from Tokyo but aren’t in the mood for shrines and temples, I cannot more highly recommend that you check out Misaki Port. The journey from the city center clocks in at just a little over an hour meaning that you won’t waste too much time in transit. Of course, in addition to the enchanting Misaki Port, the Miura Peninsula is also home to numerous fantastic add-ons. From Kamakura to Hayama, you’re really spoiled for choice in this location of Japan!

How to Get There

A Keikyu Main Line train heads from Shinagawa to the Miura Peninsula

When it comes to hidden gems, Misaki Port is about as easy to get to as them come. All you’ll need to do is take the Keikyu Main Line from Shinagawa Station to Misakiguchi Station. This part of the journey should clock in at just over an hour. As always, refer to Jorudan or a similar service to aid you in discerning which departure to take. You don’t want to accidentally make the mistake of getting on a train bound for Haneda Airport so be sure that the one you’re on is going to Misakiguchi Station.

Unfortunately, for those with bus phobias, much of the Miura Peninsula consists of hilly terrain. Because of this, you’ll need to exit the station and head on over to Bus Stop № 2. From there, you can conveniently hitch a ride from the Misakiguchi Station to Misaki Port in approximately twenty minutes or so. Luckily, Misaki Port is the final stop along this bus route so just stay on until it reaches its terminus point.

Note that it seems you can purchase a number of combination passes when traveling to Misaki Port. Some of these include unlimited bus rides only whereas others also include your train fare (see this page for more info). I opted to not purchase a pass but it seems some options also include a lunch meal. Might be worth considering if it works for you!

Misaki Port’s Allures

Mt. Fuji at sunset from the Miura Peninsula's Jogashima

The Misaki Port area encompasses a hodgepodge of homely allures and natural landscapes. These are best enjoyed over the course of a leisurely day so feel free to concoct your own itinerary based on the following suggestions…

  • Misaki Fisherina Wharf Urari
    Located directly next to the Misaki Fish Market where the tuna auctions take place, this facility has a dozen or so shops featuring various seafood products. Additionally, on the second floor, you’ll find a vendor marketing fresh locally sourced vegetables. You definitely want to pop in here if you’re visiting Misaki Port!
  • The Isle of Jogashima
    SItting just off the coast of the Misaki Fisherina Wharf Urari, Jogashima is a natural ecosystem unto itself. Officially the southernmost part of the Miura Peninsula, Jogashima is largely formed from volcanic rock. In addition to a host of allures, the island also affords amazing views of Tokyo Bay and Mt. Fuji as can be seen pictured above.
  • Nijiiro Sakana-go
    I personally only viewed the boat from afar but this sightseeing boat putts around the area between the mainland and Jogashima. The ship has windows on its underbelly thereby allowing passengers to easily view the marine life below (the waters here are known for their visibility as well as their emerald hue). Tickets for the Nijiiro Sakana-go can be purchased at Misaki Fisherina Wharf Urari.
  • Kainan Shrine
    Did you really think I’d do a whole article without mentioning a shrine? Though small, this little sanctuary enshrines Iwaka-Mutsukari-no-Mikoto, the deity of culinary arts (I guess this makes it a must visit for all the foodies out there). Home to a 800-year-old ginko tree, Kainan Shrine is said to allegedly be over 1,000 years old. The shrine also apparently has an annual festival that has UNESCO World Heritage status too.
  • Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park
    OK, this one is located a bit of a ways from Misaki Fisherina Wharf Urari but it’s worth the additional effort if sea critters are your shtick. Here, you’ll have an opportunity to get up close and personal with sea cucumbers, starfish, and Japanese bullhead sharks. What’s more, you can even touch these animals meaning that Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park is a great choice for those traveling with children.

Note that the most logistically sound way to explore the Misaki Port area is by rental cycle. These can be borrowed for the price of a mere 1,000 yen or so at the Misaki Fisherina Wharf Urari. The kiosk for the bike rentals is located at the same entrance where you purchase tickets for the Nijiiro Sakana-go.

Other Nearby Attractions

The Dobuita Street in the town of Yokosuka near an American base on the Miura Peninsula

While Misaki Port is most certainly an entire day trip unto itself, the Miura Peninsula is also chock-full of additional enticing allures. I mean, case in point, you have Kamakura, Hayama and Enoshima on the western side of this landmass. Moreover, if you’re itching for a taste of North American culture, you need look no further than the surroundings of the United States Navy base in Yokosuka! Not interested in military men? Shift gears and checkout the island of Sarushima off the coast of Yokosuka instead.

Honestly, if you’re planning to tack on more attractions to your time in Misaki Port, I do highly suggest you consider overnighting down in this neck of the woods. As I mentioned, Misaki Port is best explored at a slower pace. It would be a shame to trek all the way down to this part of Kanagawa Prefecture only to dash through it.

Until next time travelers…

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